Future Proofing your organization

27 07 2007

Wouldn’t it be great if we could future proof our organizations – keep them safe from change and competition and worst of all the changes we see in society. Well we can only have two real reactions to the inevitability of change, reduce it or produce it. Given reduction techniques have been sold to buisness for the last 30 or so years, re organizing, re structuring, re engineering, re sizing,  and mostly with dibilitating effects,  then it seems to us both, that some thing more proactive is needed, something that produces rather than reduces change.

You get a lot of free software when you hire the hardware of your employees. Free with every pair of hands is approx 1.3 kg of supercomputer, but one that unlike the Cray version,  constantly adapts to changes – in nanoseconds. Why don’t we use this network of super creative computing power on a more regular basis? Our experience is that many managers don’t know how to ask for input, or don’t have the confidence to have the input when it’s offered, or don’t know what to do with it when they get it. This is a criminal waste of human resources and resourcefulness.  As leaders we need to Envision as a collective process, team dreaming and defining destiny. We need to gain Engagement from the team, our peers and our bosses, to ensure when we start to Execute, that nothing is unforeseen or left to chance. Good ideas always start out as someones dream, turning it into reality means getting it into enough heads with enough passion that they want to build it with you.  We think this is what makes leaders different from managers, more passion, more confidence, more output and more inspiring.

If you agree with us, great… if you don’t you are probably caught in the efficiency trap, trying to become even better at things that don’t matter in terms of long term survival. Only people are the source of true competitive advantage. Become great at releasing discrecionary effort and building talent and you have future proofed the organization.

If YOU have stories or examples of really effective techniques or approaches to re energizing the corporation, then share them with the readers of this blog, and get yourself into print in the field book that will come out post January’s release of the book ReEnergizing the Corporation, How leaders make change happen.




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